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Marshmallows over Campfire

Multi-level Girl Scout Troop
(K-4th Grade) Meetings Held Fridays in the Benedict House on Holy Souls Campus

Daisy Troop Leaders (k-1st grade):

Mattie Baker, Jocelyn Stotts, Sherry Henderson

Brownie Troop Leaders (2nd-3rd grade):

Brandi Collins, Zuzana Gubrij, Jocelyn Johnson

Junior Troop Leaders (4th grade):

Rachel Glenn, Samantha Minster

Holy Souls Scouts

Holy Souls Cub Scouts

For information about CUB SCOUTS

contact Jane Griffin EMAIL at 501-772-0843

Camping and Fishing

Holy Souls Boy Scouts
For information about BOY SCOUTS,
contact John Robbins at 501-940-3862

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