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Pastoral Advisory Board

The Pastoral advisory board comprises twelve parishioners elected for a three-year term from the parish.  If a committee member becomes unable to perform their duties, the Pastor may appoint a parishioner to complete the board member's term.  The Board meets every other month.  There is a minimum of three members on each of the four commissions: Faith Formation, Parish Life, Social Concerns, and Spiritual Life. Board members are responsible for monitoring the activities, issues, and needs of the organizations and ministries assigned to their commissions.  Meetings are open to all parishioners.

The 2023-24 President is Thomas Lipham. 


Message Pastoral Advisory Board Here


Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission coordinate, develop, promote, and evaluate all Parish related education and faith formation programs. Parish organizations and ministries affiliated with Education and Formation include Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Youth Faith Formation (YFF), Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM), Adult Education, Scripture Study, Summer Speak, Liturgical Ministry Training, Sacramental Preparation (Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation), and Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Members of this Commission are:
     Thomas Lipham       

     Danielle Mahan

     Beth Geohegan


Parish Life Commission

Parish Life Commission promotes parish unity and a sense of belonging among the members and the community by providing opportunities for people to be together in a welcoming atmosphere, especially for newcomers to the Parish. Parish organizations and ministries affiliated with Parish Life include Men's Club, Altar Society, Garden Angels, Snow Angels, Seniors Group, Boys and Girl Scouts, "The Parishioner" newsletter, Hospitality & Support Ministry, Funeral Ministry, Event Volunteers, Pictorial Directory, and Blood Drives.
Members of this Commission are:

     Christina Clark

     Courtney Nehus

     Caroline Boch


Social Concerns Commission

The Social Concerns Commission will work to inform and involve the Parish community in social concerns and charitable acts toward one another and toward the larger community of the city, state, nation, and world; to transform the Church's concern about social justice and charity towards all people.
Members of this Commission are:
     Al Malzewski 

     Alan Carlson

     Tom Devine

Spiritual Life Commission

The Spiritual Life Commission will work to promote awareness of the importance of growing in our relationship with God. The Commission will implement and promote activities that will allow the parishioners to deepen or strengthen their prayer life.
Members of this Commission are:
     Renee Rittelmeyer 

     Rosemarie Peckham

     Robert Jones

Buildings and Grounds Committee 

The Buildings and Grounds Committee maintains the physical infrastructure to ensure that the facilities' maintenance and capital needs are appropriately budgeted.

For more information about this committee, don't hesitate to get in touch with Susie Williams at EMAIL or 501-663-8632.



Stewardship committee

The Stewardship committee guides and monitors the annual Stewardship Campaign. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the Pastoral Council Commissions review and update their portions of the Pastoral Plan.  The members include the Pastor, Parish Life & Stewardship Coordinator, and three to six parishioners.  The committee meets on an as-needed basis.

For more information about this committee, please contact Laura Humphries at EMAIL or 501-663-8632.
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