Lighthouse CDs

Inspirational Catholic CDs

Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs present a practical and effective program to help Catholics know their faith . . . to keep their faith. We all live busy, busy lives. Finding the time to learn about our faith can be difficult. But now, we are able to meet you where you are! Wherever you have a CD player available to you, in the car, office, or at home, you can deepen your understanding and love for the Catholic faith.

In the vestibule in church, a table top display offers eight different CDs. These feature some of the most inspiring Catholic speakers -- bishops, priests, deacons and eminent Catholic lay men and women. 

Check the display often for new CDs. Some of the titles include:
      The Healing Power of Confession - by Dr. Scott Hahn
      No Escape - From Prison to the Catholic Faith  - by Russell Ford
      To Hell and Back: Divine Love and the Cross - by Anne Marie Schmidt
      Why a Protestant Pastor Become Catholic - by Dr. Scott Hahn
      For Love and Marriage - by Johnnette Benkovic

The CDs are available after every weekend Mass. A donation of $3 per CD is requested. Checks can be made payable to Holy Souls Church. Donations will be used towards the purchase of additional materials.