In the Eucharistic liturgy, God is present in His Word just as truly as Jesus Himself is present in the Eucharist. Therefore the proclamation of God's Word is an extremely important liturgical ministry.

Through this ministry, God continues to give us life, form us, mold us, shape us, challenge us, convert us, grace us, and draw us to deeper life in Him. One who aspires to this ministry holds this belief deeply. He or she should have the skill of public reading.

He or she needs to be willing to attend the required training program. Two lectors are assigned at each Sunday Mass, one to proclaim each of the two first readings.

The scheduling of lectors is done according to the needs or preferences of the individual lector as well as according to the needs of the parish. Each lector is provided with a workbook to assist him or her in preparation.

This ministry is open to any Catholic, fully initiated (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist) who is a registered parishioner. Newly confirmed youth and adults are particularly urged to consider this ministry.

For more information, please contact the Parish Life Director at 501-663-8632.


Prayer for Lectors
(in Preparation)

Lord, invest me with your power
as I prepare to proclaim the marvel of your message.
I have prepared my reading,
I have tried to take within me
the meaning of what I am about to proclaim.
Help me to proclaim, not just with my lips,
but with my whole heart and soul.
Lord, make me a hollow reed
so that your voice will be heard by all who hear me.
Free me of excessive concern over my performance.
Convert my feeling of nervousness and
turn all my apprehension into an energy
for proclaiming your word with power and authority.
May your Spirit live in me and
fill the holy words that I proclaim.