Eucharistic Ministers at Mass

It is a wondrous privilege not only to receive Christ truly present in our midst, but also to be the instrument through which Christ gives himself to the members of His Body.

A deep, abiding faith in the Jesus who is our food, our life, our stay is to mark the life of all Catholics, and particularly Eucharistic Ministers.

Through the pastor the bishop appoints a person to this Ministry. Any fully initiated Catholic, in good standing, who is a registered parishioner and at least 17 years old may apply for this Ministry.

Attendance at a training session is required. They participate at Sunday and daily Masses, assisting the priest with Holy Communion.  Ministers of the Eucharist are not  scheduled, but are requested to check in with the Eucharistic Ministers Captain before Mass to see if they are needed.

For more information, contact the Parish Life Director at 501-663-8632..


Prayer for Eucharistic Ministers

Heavenly Father,
I thank you for calling me to serve
You and Your people in this community
as an Eucharistic Minister of the Eucharist.
You know that I could never be worthy
of such an exalted honor.
Help me to be less unworthy
by remaining free of sin.

Let me nourish Your people
with the witness of my life
as I feed them with the Body and Blood of Christ.

Grant Your strength and holiness
to all Your Eucharistic Ministers
and make them worthy
to bring Christ to others