"Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you."


Confirmation is the completion of the sacrament of Baptism by which the Holy Spirit is imparted in a special way for the strengthening of the believer.

Confirmation for Youth

Confirmation is a two year program. The foundational year typically begins in fall of 7th grade. Small groups for foundational year (typically 7th graders) begin in August 2018. Parishioners attending Hoy Souls School are not required to participate in small groups until February of their 7th grade year. However, foundational small groups are open to all parishioners. Immediate Catechesis begins in February each year. Students entering immediate catechesis in February must be enrolled in a foundational small group during fall 2019 or attend Holy Souls School.


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Confirmation 1 on 1 meetings take place in May, June and August.
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CONFIRMATION - February 9, 2018


Confirmation for Adults

Are you a baptized Catholic who seeks to complete your initiation through the sacrament of Confirmation? If so, RCIA (RIte of Christian Initiation for Adults) at Holy Souls Church welcomes you.

For more information, contact Samantha Denefe, Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation, at (501) 663-8632 or